About Us

Lean Personal Training is an established company owned and run by Natasha and Ryan who give an expert, holistic solution to each individual’s health and fitness development. Specialising in home, office and outdoor training in Surrey.

At Lean Personal Training we believe that everyone can have the body they want regardless of gender, age or ability. Our bespoke training programmes are designed to help you make the radical changes to your health, fitness and daily lifestyle.

With a combination of nutrition, metabolic workouts, lifestyle coaching and inspiration you will achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

We help you to take the right steps towards changing your attitude and habits. We guide you through the steps in order to achieve the body and lifestyle you want.

Our ‘Lean Method’ is based on years of experience and guarantees results.

Forget the monotony of spending hours on gym machines without results, the Lean method uses bespoke programme design, integrating the latest functional equipment and HIIT to achieve a safe, metabolic, fat burning workout in your home, office or outdoors.

The Method incorporates on-going coaching, working with clients on how to progress and develop their lifestyle which is key to permanent and sustainable results.

The Team

  • Natasha

    • Natasha is a female only trainer, specialising in female fat loss, health and wellbeing.

      As a mother herself, Natasha knows the importance of pre and post natal fitness and nutrition. Her own personal experience in this area has given her a huge advantage over other personal trainers as she uses her tried and tested method with her clients to achieve a physique thought not possible after giving birth.

  • Ryan

    • Ryan has been improving the lifestyle and wellbeing of clients for over a decade. Using the lean system he has worked with hundreds of clients ensuring they achieve the most effective and sustainable results.

      Ryan creates bespoke programmes tailored to each client’s needs and goals based on the ‘lean system’. These programmes aim to be fun yet challenging, using cutting edge, functional training methods with an emphasis on motivation, form and optimum nutrition.

  • Nikki

    With a degree in Sports Science and over 7 years experience in the fitness industry Nikki has gained knowledge and a great amount of experience to help and support you in achieving your goals.

    Nikki will develop a training programme and nutrition plan tailored to your needs and your lifestyle therefore being both realistic and sustainable. Workouts will be enjoyable and become a part of your everyday life.


    Premier Global Personal Trainer
    TRX Suspension Training
    Kettlebell Trainer
    Postural Assessment and Corective Exercise Instructor
    Power Plate Specialist
    Special Population: GP Referral,Obesity and Diabetes, Stroke Rehabilitiation, Pre/Post Natal exercise
    First Aid Trained

  • Rali

    Rali is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and a Yoga Instructor.

    She incorporates a wide variety of exercises into her clients workouts, making them a fun and enjoyable experience.

    Whether to increase strength, endurance, improve posture or flexibility, Rali adapts her sessions to each of her client’s individual goals.

    She is also excited to help people create healthy eating habits, by providing them with a valuable nutritional advice.

    Her passion about fitness and wellbeing helps her keep her clients feeling inspired and motivated towards achieving their goals!

  • Clare

    Clare has worked as a Personal Trainer for 8 years in which she has trained a variety of people with a variety of goals.

    She keeps herself up to date with the most recent health & fitness research in order to offer her clients the best advice possible. Clare loves to help clients reach their goals through fun, safe and effective sessions.

    Clare specialises in pre/post natal training, postural assessment & corrective exercise and functional training.

  • Jamie

    Jamie became interested in fitness and wellbeing from a very young age.

    Growing up with his mother, a Yoga Instructor, it was after taking a Yoga retreat with her that he became aware of the benefits it has. Having suffered from anxiety and stress for many years he now practices yoga every morning, which has had a very positive impact on his mind and body.

    Jamie qualified as a Yoga instructor in 2010

    In 2017 he decided he wanted to become a personal trainer so that he could combine every day fitness and Yoga together.

    However, in November 2018 something life changing happened, Jamie had a liver Transplant as a consequence of many on going health problems.

    This has strengthened his desire and ambition to use this experience in helping others overcome challenges, by using fitness and Yoga as a tool to not only help you achieve your goals but also gain true physical and mental benefits.